With the world changing faster than ever, sustainability is now the name of the game.

I was first introduced to the idea of sustainability in 2016, when I was exploring different social initiatives in the Philippines. One day, I came across a sustainability tour in a social innovation platform called the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm. The farm is a place where social businesses, mainly agriculture-based, are being built and developed. I was inspired by the efforts of the community there.

That’s when my interest in the sustainability sector began to take hold.

I joined social business pitching competitions, events, seminars, networking sessions, and trainings. It was one fascinating ride that exposed me further to the world of sustainability and all the great people in the sector.

In the midst of all these, by September 2017 I decided to create a sustainability blog wherein I would share all my insights and hopes for a sustainable future.

Today, I work as a researcher in a social enterprise research network, as well as volunteer my time as a project coordinator in non-government organizations. Through these efforts, I hope I’m able to contribute to the sustainability initiative.

I called it “Triple Bottom Line” for one main reason: to cover various sustainability initiatives in the country and beyond. The three bottom lines refer to the foundations of sustainable development: social, environmental, and economic impacts. I cover a range of topics from agriculture to technology, and innovation to finance. Ultimately, the main goal is to ignite conversations and inspire actions, with the hopes that the content I share through this blog would reach and kindle the change maker within others.